Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Vedettes: Vicenary Vixens Vying for Vicenial Vices

I finally have a copy of my 9x5 submission! Yes, I decided to opt for the long title. But not for the gouache...After a myriad of experimenting I decided my fantasy of dabbling with delicate gouache was to remain just that. "Maybe next time" assured my sensible side before suggesting the safer option of acrylic and pencil. Good idea. You can check out all of the pieces for preview and auction here.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful illustration!!!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hey Antonia, fellow sufferer of the annual "what do I do with this piece of wood?!" 9 x 5 -- I think that your vixens are gorgeous. Love the puppets too. :)