Friday, May 21, 2010

Make-over madness

Final favourite with border

The original piece; Vicinary Vixens Vying for Vicennial Vices.
Original post here.

Green...A vintage feel.

Grey...Quite Halloween-y

I wanted to catalog the process of making over this leggy ladies piece. I originally did the piece in acrylic on wood but felt it was overly complex in detail. I've redone this piece in Adobe Illustrator and kept it really simple. Then I experimented with colours and layout. I've decided on the pink with the oval border as a final piece, but I also like the others. I think the design becomes more effective, what do you think?
And, yes I will be putting some new stuff up soon. Even though it may seem so, I don't plan on rehashing my old work forever...

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Trish Leone said...

Nice Job. I think the final one is great.