Saturday, September 4, 2010

150 Years of Bathing

It has been a long time coming indeed. I have disappeared for the last few months but am back to showcase a variety of projects that have been keeping me rather busy.

Firstly is this short stop-motion animation created for the Melbourne City Baths to help celebrate their 150th anniversary. 150 years of Bathing is a rather playful animation highlighting the history of bathing in Melbourne, Australia. Alongside amazing entertainment by the Footscray Women's Circus it was shown at the Melbourne city baths during anniversary celebrations.
My first stop motion animation, and I must say although a bit wonky I am rather proud of this effort! It took a lot of sleepless nights, patience and helping hands. Created with simple cardboard cut outs on beautifully photographed backgrounds by Jessie Boylan and directed/produced by the amazingly talented Suzi Taylor of Fingerprint Productions.


James Blackwell said...

Congratulations a stunning first effort! Loved the animation, sound and clever design. Informative and fun !!

Antonia Glavic said...

Thanks James! I'm glad you enjoyed it, I look forward to making many more!

belinda suzette said...

wonderul wonderful stuff