Monday, September 6, 2010

Strange Fruit

Who ever said fruit was healthy?

A zealous looking onion

And a blank stare from Cherryl
(Yes a bad dad joke in that name)

My ongoing theme of fruits and vegetables is far from finished. My first dabble in water colour for this theme; however this genre is always most certainly quite spontaneous and whimsical for me. It makes a lot of fun as I never quite know what to expect at the end, and I always have a little chuckle as their personality comes to life. I am currently working on more pieces for my Melbourne Fruits project, so stay tuned for more strange fruit.


Trish Leone said...

Cool Bananas. This style is cherry ripe. I love your fruity cocktail of illustrations.

Antonia Glavic said...

Oh Trish, how very kind of you. Thanks for the dad jokes ;)