Friday, February 4, 2011

So We Meet Again...

Claire, 2010
Why hello! It has been a long long while. Too long. Weeks go by and by and before you know it they turn into months. I have been a busy little bee, exhibiting, selling more art at markets, working on some 3D painting and organisng an art fundraiser. Wow! Lots of things. But I am back & look forward to sharing what I have been up to with you.

So, above is lovely Claire, she was collaged, stitched and painted onto calico. She is teribbly morose and fights despair on a daily basis. Her cats are called Inky & Winky. They climb all over her meow a lot while she drinks copious amounts of tea and paints the landscape she peers at from her dark and musty room.

- Antonia 

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Aldina said...

Like the illustration.
You have a very cute blog.

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